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I swear, i was going to write a legit blog...but all that beer has to get the hell out of my bladder right now. k. there, i said it.

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this is.. 

better than a "legit" blog post.

legit blog?? 

is there such a thing?!

I mean 

at least you have a legit bladder.

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munchkin: lol yeah matt's my bf. and sorries you'll always be our 8gouge! no matter what fro
munchkin: 8 GOUGE!!!!!
slavepoet: Fucken' RAWTZY this one
anonymous coward: still a perv
visceral: adam! viiince!
: Happy Birthday.
slavepoet: Oh hey I didn't know you had one. Lovely.
8gauge: my shoutbox is as alive as my poopbox
visceral: adaeueueme
n00berz: whatever.
visceral: raunchy is the new cool
: that's raunchy.
8gauge: bio girl loves her men old, and aged.
visceral: hey bio gurrrrrllll
: Happy B-day bitxch! Have a good one, ass!