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Ever met a really hot girl? your taste and style and all. Extremely hot, but had the IQ of a shrimp. Basically, so dumb you could TRICK her into having sex with you.

How would you set it up? biggrin.gif

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for starters, I wouldn't link her to your ei.gif blog.

you could try... 

Hey, wanna fuck? My last girlfriend said I have bubblegum flavored spunk.

Stupid beauties 

... they crack me up.

But how many sessions in bed before their empty headedness starts to irritate the living shit out of you, though?

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munchkin: lol yeah matt's my bf. and sorries you'll always be our 8gouge! no matter what fro
munchkin: 8 GOUGE!!!!!
slavepoet: Fucken' RAWTZY this one
anonymous coward: still a perv
visceral: adam! viiince!
: Happy Birthday.
slavepoet: Oh hey I didn't know you had one. Lovely.
8gauge: my shoutbox is as alive as my poopbox
visceral: adaeueueme
n00berz: whatever.
visceral: raunchy is the new cool
: that's raunchy.
8gauge: bio girl loves her men old, and aged.
visceral: hey bio gurrrrrllll
: Happy B-day bitxch! Have a good one, ass!