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Breathe in, breathe out.
As the air passes through your chest,
Syllables form,
Forming words and phrases,
Sentences and even entire conversations.
These words that resonate in the empty air,
Dancing off the tip of my tongue,
Not limited to just rhymes and song.
Expressions of art that come through my lungs,
Poetry, songs, verse,
Limericks and puns,
Metaphors and similes,
Haikus and tankas,
Sonnets and couplets
Cinquains and Villanelles,
Acrostics, riddles, and tongue twisters
And yes also, very romantic, helpless, hopeless, corny and cheesy
One liners and pickup lines to impress the ladies,
Well, with each word and phrase spoken,
A special imprint,
An identifying signature comes with it,
Which tell the stories of my past,
My present, as well as my future.
I am a young expressionist,
I may not be the next Milton or Poe, Hughes or Seuss,
But I use my voice and imagination to form stories to pass on to the next generation.
The tip of my tounge is just like a painter's brush.
Just as a brush glides across canvas,
Creating beautiful images of dreams and fantasies,
My voice echoes through the air,
I paint my portraits with love.
As painters use red, green, and blue hues,
I form my masterpiece with A's, E's, I's, O's, and U's.
And sometimes the letter Y too...
These vowels blend with consonants,
Forming priceless masterpieces.
My voice is a tool, an outlet, my medium for my art,
And just as Picasso had his blue period,
I've had my downs and shared a few frowns,
But through my art,
I express my frustrations,
I turn my frowns back into happy faces,
By taking the pain and sadness and using that energy to form
Countless lines and stanzas,
I dig deep into my heart and mind
And fish around for the greatest inspiration,
For the things I know, which lie deep within my soul.
This is my voice,
This is something more,
More than just a breath beneath my chest.

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I do love having a business on Guam.
There's never a need to spend money on promotions or advertising if you're a SMB. (Small to Medium Business), the only thing you need to do to get your business's name out there is to tell mom, dad, nana, and uncle John to tell their friends, coworkers, achakmas', and drinking buddies who you are and what you do. And of course, they always ask for discount, but hey, why not since they're your marketing team!?

It's also fun how, well in my line of work I make calls to various companies a lot, you can call a business or customer and when you give them your name, or ask them for their own, you get into the whole, "I know you/I know you're family/ What was your last name again? ______ from which village?/etc.."
It's nice to have that little benefit, helps break the ice, or helps them give you the person in charge or person that will help you most, rather than saying an excuse of "sorry they're not in, or leave a message" that they would usually give someone they don't know.

I called a few design companies today and one of them was 17 Minute Photo where Nooch and Jordan Hardy (Matala) work.
And Nooch answered, I introduced myself, "This is Jayton w/ New Horizons, can I speak to a supervisor or manager please"
I didn't get to say, "Hey Nooch! Is that you!?" haha, as I must adhere to some professionalism. Afterwards I txted him and he was like "Yessir! I thought that was you!" hah. Called another sign company, and the lady that answered is a friend's mom. After handling business we got into catching up and me getting her son's phone numbers and shit. Guam is too small isn't it?

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Everyone who is playing, and wants to come out to watch the show,
the August 16th show has been changed to August 15th from 4PM - 11PM

Location has been changed back to Skinner's
Because of a misinformation from the Department of Parks and Recreation,
we were unable to secure the Ypao location for the weekend, as MCV has reserved both the pavilion and the amphitheater for a function.

We will also be unable to play Ypao on the 30th because of Labor Day Weekend.

DPR is very nice and is trying their best to accommodate our band shows and to help give us discounted if not free occupancy permits and cleaning deposits.

I am very sorry for this confusion and inconvenience to any of the bands, their members, and the fans.

I try my best to make sure everything goes smoothly and that Plans of Action are executed right. I am frustrated that the Dept. of Parks and Rec gave me false information concerning the availability of reservations, but it is out of my hands.

I know we all really wanted Ypao rather than Skinner's
but the show is next week, and I do not wish to have to do anymore runarounds concerning this show.

It will be August 15th, not August 16th
and it will be at Skinners.

We will be playing on the steps and on the ground, not on the stage.

I am trying to secure a better PA system, but whatever goes goes.

I am glad and thankful for those that showed up at the meeting last night to talk about this show and the other shows.

Sorry if all those hopes and ideas for next week's show have just gone down the drain and became wasted time.

Skinner's is free, so we'll go with that.

WE CAN ALL DRINK AT LEAST! Can I get a woot woot?
Lineup will be the same:
Axs Denied
Bastard Squad
Blind for her Blood
Freedom Fries
Hymn for the Tortured
Table for Five

Thanks for everyone from the Bastard Squad, Warhead, Nzeexruos and the others who've helped so much in the preparation of these shows and trying to take some of the burdens off of my shoulders.

I'm sorry if this frustrates or angers some people, but hey, I'm one of the only ones trying to do something here, so please give me the benefit of the doubt.

Hopefully we can hold better meetings and obtain lineups and venues earlier.

Support your musicians and artists.

Please come to the shows.

Please do your part.

Have fun and rock out!

But please, go support Matala tomorrow night @ Club Legendz in Maite. $5 Cover Charge.


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Why is it that so many people flock to see one dance group perform just because they won some coveted prize on national TV?
200 people got turned away from the Jabbawockeez show, yet 200 people can't even come out to support the local talents?
Hell, I doubt if Mud or DotDotDot came to Guam, will many people flock out to really watch them play because of their music or just because they were on TV, Pandora, etc?
Those 2 bands play in front of very large crowds as evidenced in the various videos online, I hope to one day catch them live mysel!

Why doesn't anyone appreciate the talents of those that aren't in the big billboards and TV commercials? The people I speak of are those that struggle to make a name for themselves. The raw, real, and striving artists trying to express themselves. Whether it be in the form of dance from ballet to breaking, of song and of music, of stage, of pencil pen or brush, of spoken word, of education, of tagged up street signs and walls, all those who try to let their inner artist be expressed... where is the support and love for them.

There are so many talented souls out there in the world, and many here on Guam.

From the stages of Dededo Theater and UOG's Fine Arts Building with acts such as Jesus Christ Superstar or Ice is Hell; the poets and verse spinners weaving intricate stories of history, peace, war, love, and faith in Sinanganta; the young kids running around tagging up every unkempt or blank wall throughout our streets who simply see the concrete before them as a canvas waiting to be graced by their art; the kids that pick up their plectrums, sticks, or mic stands and wail out individual notes and chords that make up a melody that screams out the words and emotions as an anthem to their beliefs; the older vets of the numerous scenes who have gained a few pounds and a few gray hairs that still do what they do simply to express themselves, to let loose, and to pay the bills that come with adulthood, raising a family, and all that good stuff.

From the kids on the streets and who still attempt to learn how to play the songs that sit inside their iPods, hearts, minds, or their favorite track on Rock Band on stage, to the older men and women playing in the smoky and dim lit bars, coffee shops, and theater stages every night they get a chance to express their artforms, where is the support for them?

Support these people, support them well, who knows the next top dance crew could be practicing in the driveways, gyms, and garages throughout the island!

The Jabawockeez were in those shoes before, and they've striven to get where they are at, I just hope they are humbled by the opportunities they face.

Hope you all enjoyed their show, I still didn't understand the big fuss over the dance crew anyhow, but alas it isn't my scene.

But all in all, please attend the band shows, the plays, the poetry slams, the MC battles, the dance competitions and all.
Go down to the bars and restaurants and order up some drinks, a snack, and listen to the entertainment. Rock out to the hardcore motherfuckers and get some bruises to take home to show to mommy and explain your love for thost motherfuckers onstage who scream out the anthem of beliefs you keep holed up in your chest and mind. Go down to PTC and watch the poetry slams and open your mind, heart, and soul to the sounds of storytellers expressing their love and frustrations over this world and more.

We've got plays going on @ Dededo Theater this weekend about the problem of Ice (Meth) in our community. Saturday @ 8:00PM and Sunday @ 6:00

Tomorrow is "MusicFest" a little fundraiser and showcasing of numerous bands over @ Tiyan GATE Theater. Plenty of younger bands playing and the 5 dollar fee is going to support a young girl vying to be Queen/Princess for this years Ilo Ilo association contest.

Catch Sinangan-ta this Saturday and every last Saturday of the month @ PTC Bar & Grill at the Agana Shopping Center. 7PM
Check out Jovan, Kie, Melvin and the others as they spit out rhymes and rhythms!

Next Thursday is the sequel to Fuck Shit Up @ Club Legends. If you're 18 come on over $5 dollar cover and it comes with one free domestic. The 5 bucks supports the bands playing, and the bar, and come on, domestics are like up to $7 bucks over at Venue and some spots in Tumon!
The billing for this show will be Bastard Squad, Union Down, Hymn for the Tortured, and Nzeexruos. Thanks to Ryan Shook and the other guys who plan this event and for Jet the bar owner who supports hard music!

August 16th, I'll be throwing the last show of the summer over at Skinners Plaza, more details will be coming!

Any other upcoming events I'll post.

But please, Support the local artists in music, dance, art, or theater as best as you can. Someday they'll be the ones selling out shows @ FD or the Field House.

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I'm currently working for ComPacific and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers,
to become fulltime at New Horizons I'll be cutting out my weekday hours at ComPacific.
One of our managers also left today to a new position at GHURA.
We currently have openings if anyone is interested.
ComPacific specializes in retail sales of computers, and computer accessories,peripherals, and other electronic goodies.
We also have a service department @ our main location in Harmon Loop. For those unfamiliar with ComPacific we have 3 locations.
1)Harmon Loop Hotel (Main store/service center)
2)Micronesia Mall 2nd Floor @ Cinema Wing between Coffee Beanery and Hollywood Nails.
3)Agana Shopping Center across from PayLess.

We have openings for Sales Associate
and we're always looking for someone to work in the service department.

It's a good place to work, pay could be better. Looking for someone who can work flexible hours and preferably has experience with computers/electronics, someone with good 'people skills' and enthusiasm!

PM me or drop off a resume at any of our 3 stores. No applications just drop a resume.

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