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Yup. Still works.

Damn. I miss this place.

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What should we do to get things rolling again? I've tossed out my ideas and done a lot of work, but it doesn't seem to be enough. So tell me your ideas and maybe we can do the work together? Or should I just let it go?

I don't know.

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Yesterday sxtxixtxcxh & I had the great pleasure of finally meeting toxicremedy in person. The one time we exchanged smiles at the airport as I was leaving Guam doesn't count. LOL!

We took her site-seeing in Downtown Seattle for a couple hours. She's awesome. I'm bummed that we couldn't have hung out longer. Or partied like rockstars. But I still had a great time. Maeby warmed up to her real quick, as well.

And it just so happened that when I finally get the chance to go on a photography adventure with her, every single camera I own is broken.. except for my iStone. Photos aren't that great. Boo!

Thanks, Clarissa. For making time during your trip out here to hang out with us. A small family you only knew via the internet. I'm honored. Next time I'm on Guam, maybe we could have a drink or six together.

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Thanksgiving with my family was fantastic and I wish it hadn't ended so soon. It's been far too long since all of us got together. A week just didn't feel like it was long enough.

I'm staying hopeful though. All of them have mentioned the possibility of moving here. Closer. I'm crossing my fingers. I'd love to finally have my family all together again.

And maybe, just maybe, they'll help to keep my mind off of my failures and give me the strength, support, and inspiration I so desperately need.

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I'm unable to consume enough caffeine to prepare me for the upcoming reunion. Did I mention in my previous entry that I'll be flying into Spokane and then driving back to Seattle the same day? Did I also mention that on the drive back, I'll have my older brother, sis-in-law, their four sons (ages 3-10), and three cats in the van with me?

Hello? Are you still there?

Yeah. I know. I'm completely insane. But I'd do it all again if it was the only option I had to bring my family together every now and again.

Thing is, we haven't really planned anything. I don't know where to take my family. They say they just want to wing it. That scares me a bit because.. What if we can't agree on places to go? What if some of us want to go out, while the others don't?

I just don't want anyone to be upset or disappointed during all of this. But.. there is a surprise in store for some of them. So hopefully that will make it all worth it.

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