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well here's the new vid from the recording sessions...not much updates other than that...hmmm...well we got 8 songs done and 3 more to go...a lot of fuckups here and there but thats what the DELETE key is for haha!!

We just had a band meeting last week...it was just to refocus ourselves and the goals we to have as a band...sorry no details...

We got this guy from Warped Designs doing our cover and CD art...

the album is tentatively titled "Reborn" or "Rebirth" or something like that..well it could change for while it was to be called "Roy and the band"!! NAH!!

hey but once this CD is out we hope everyone will be satisfied and enjoy it as well...
KEEP IT METAL!! Feel free to comment!

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Phil is in the studio tracking the guitars for the ne album...I've laid down some of my parts too...right now i'm uploading a video of Phil's sessions..it'll be up in a day so check back my page and on youTube...
I've done a little research over the weekend and i've found this great program...haha but i won't tell you!! but it makes the drum tracks just sound oh so SEXY HAHAHA!! buy the album and find out soon!!

In other news i've finally got me a new place with my wifey!! we're excited we finally got a place of our own..it's actually a nice and quiet convenient place...

Laterz and give me a day to post phil's sessions up shoot!!THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!PURE FUCKIN METAL!!


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hey thanks dave for the code thing here it is

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finally started on recording the album... Roy finished about 6 tracks this week... 4 more by next week...then guitars n bass then vocals...

we decided to keep a video journal of the whole process...check it out on youtube.com just search for "slavesoul"

or check out www.myspace.com/junslave for new blogs every couple of weeks or so...

don't hesitate to diss us or appreciate us haha..shooot!!

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damn last time i blogged here was a year ago...damn...reminding me i'm gettin older...but hey this year a few things finally got done..bunch of bands recorded here at the studio with some of the money renovating the studio itself...

in fact check out hymn for the tortured at


they were first to consecrate the new studio with they're 5 songs....thanks guys...shoots!!

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