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last blog noted all of the weddings taking place in this lovely world.

i take mine back. im not getting married, probably never will. almitra is a fuck up and fucks everything up. sorry guys. the party is not happening and no one is more disappointed than me.

it would all be so easy if we lived in the matrix.

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i think its wonderful. we're all growing up (finally?) i need dates, names, address, what have you.

here's mine. feel free to crash it.

Almitra & Richard's wedding
Saturday, September 20, 2008
Outrigger Resort Guam
Reception to follow.

can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

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haven't been on here in a while. i forgot how awesome it is. drank too much last night but got sober way too fast. sent a friend to an oriental massage. went to the lusty lady. need to make doodie.

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this is for dave: mike? youre ditching dave's wedding to come to san francisco? what kind of friend are you!?!?!

anyway. its a monday afternoon and its gleaming sunlight here in the beautiful city of san francisco. im sitting in my apartment waiting for fedex to deliver my ultra-new, super cool marshall amp that i bought along with my new gibson lespaul classic. it would be considered a wonderful combination for someone who actually new how to play... what the fuck am i doing with it? i dont know.

i went to safeway and bought beer the other day. they didnt card me. i was taking a chance. i guess it just goes to show that taking risks is worth it. i baked roskettes yesterday. talk about fucking mad cooking skills. theyre gone. tyrie and i ate em all. someone come visit me. onegaishimasu.

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san francisco has been raining for the past two months. i think its becoming seattle. it also snowed here a few weeks back. cant wait till next weekend when the dead pigeons decide to work their way north. i miss guam. i just found out (after getting back from my vacation in feb) that i have accumulated enough continental one pass mileage to fly home for free! maybe next year... maybe not.... we'll see. someone needs to come visit me in the city.

im dating a rock star. he's wonderful.

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almitra: jesus. i wish we could have hung out more. next time since i found out where you live haha
jeaniexmurda: the beer was good
jeaniexmurda: the jeep is game tight
jeaniexmurda: awesome friday
jeaniexmurda: lubriderm is good. lotion is always good for the motion.
almitra: what about the lubriderm lady? mwahaha
jeaniexmurda: i went to safeway with you & stole airborne cause i was getting sick. me & my thievin little hands.
cube: i didnt get to pop it,,,
mikez: there, i've shouted. bleh.