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I just got hit with inspiration for a song. I've got the lyrics down in Notepad, and onomatopoeia (did I spell that right?) for the guitar parts, as well as chord progressions and timing. Thing is, I don't have my guitar. Spankie has it, she's doing something to the strap for me. I feel so lost. I want to go upstairs and try this stuff out, before inspiration fades, or I forget how it's supposed to go, but I can't. I just called up TK, seeing if he'd let me borrow one of his extra guitars, but he's note home (went to his GCC class). I'm sitting here, trying to memorize the tune, and feeling sort of lost. I really need an extra guitar, even if it's a beaten up old acoustic or something, just so I can play randomly when I want to, and so things like this don't happen to me.

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Hmm, I've become Member of the Day, broken my 100-post barrier, and had a nice thread with activity. Unfortunately, this all occurs on the one day this year that I feel like absolute shit. Didn't get enough sleep, my nap was blech, and now I have to do English work for a project, for a bunch of bums who are strangely against PowerPoint, causing us to go ghetto-style and write everything on sheets of butcher paper. Ugh.

Off to working again.

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This month marks my one year anniversary of learning the guitar. I, like almost all others in my category, now measure my time of playing in years, no longer months, or even weeks.

As I sat in my room earlier, attempting to teach myself sweep-picking, I contemplated my progress as a guitarist, and even bassist, though I didn't mark down when I first started stealing Felix's bass and learning on it. But, I realized, my progress hasn't come very far in the past 12 months. True, I did gain proficiency in learning songs, whereas when I first started, American Jesus was a difficult song for me (now it's a staple in our set, and is the first song we ever learned as a band, heh). I've learned some scales, and chord progressions, random other tidbits of theory (CAGED, Arpeggios, etc), but really, I could have done so much more. Now I'm on a mission to gain knowledge and proficiency as a guitarist, by trying advanced techniques (like the aforementioned sweep-picking, and the tapping TK helped teach me). I can only hope that in the next 12 months, I can more than double the amount I learned in my first year.

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Shit, I'm SO busy. This weekend, I have to get through about 8 projects, 5 of them being detrimental to my grade if not done. This might be physically possible, but it's going to hurt.

Plus, I have the ones not for classes I need to graduate, but they're still important. The things I do for education, when I'd rather be making/writing/thinking about music.

Speaking of music, how this relates. The entire band is in a similar situation to the one I'm in. No practices for a week, I'd imagine. We only had one this week, and random not-even-practice-shit last week. This isn't really good for us. Our group writing and brainstorming is at a standstill, due to our inability to come together and work. Individual songwriting and learning, well I can't speak for the others, but mine's dying due to projects. I'm so swamped that I can't even put down my papers, or turn away from the computer, to jot down a lyric or a song premise. It sucks having to work like this, because when I'm stressed and under deadline pressure, I tend to drift away from what I'm supposed to do, and get rather creative with lyrics and other musical properties.

Time to get back to work.

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Just finished watching the video from the Holidays Show for the third time while uploading it to the computer.. Um, THIS is what people have been nominating for best performance? ..You're all on drugs.

..I will say that Andrew (Cradle Of Filth) and Matt added a lot to that performance. You guys are crazy.

Hmm. Song progression. We worked on a new original yesterday, needs a lot, but it's a start. Plus we've got one 98% finished one (damn three solos again, like Vision..), plus a bit more in the recesses of our individual sick minds.

Hey, I like this thing. I get to track down all the stuff we're doing.

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