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the sickest guam footage EVER!!!!

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I am hiring.
$60 a week to do my homework: College Math
I have 6 weeks of school, so you make $360 & i'll pay you via PayPal.

All you gotta do is:
1) Answer discussion questions.
2) Do assignments / quizzes / tests.

Why don't I do it?
Cause I'm steady makin' money to pay YOU for doing the work.
$360 for math work sure beats a 9 to 5.
Let me know.

i'm srsly thinking about posting that on Craigslist or something.
The last time I tried to do that I caught sooooo much heat because it was 'unethical'.
But then again I wasn't being specific & I just asked for 'help' & people thought I needed a tutor.

A job is a job, right?

I suck at math.
I cheated in every math class I ever had, which got me where I am today.
I'm definitely going somewhere in life, but I'll just suck at algebra FOREVER.

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so i found out that the whole ganguro girl thing is soooooooooooo FOUR YEARS AGO, which is way too bad because i was really looking forward to see some (fake) dark-skindid byetches with clown makeup & tranny clothes. the male population of japan kinda makes up for it tho. dudes with girly razor-cut hair & pointy pretendo-italian leather boots, with scarves wrapped around their waists.

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