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Crazy whenever you hear someone you know has passed away...

I hope you smiling down on us and praying for us too.

Only the good die young sad.gif

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the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had..

and when he says he had the most fun with you then with his current gf.


311 is coming to Guam! RAWRSERS!

March 27th be there or ... not!

And I have a blind date this Saturday ahhh. nervous much?! yeshir. biggrin.gif


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Sooooooo I finally moved out of my parents place. RAWRSERS!!!

Rooming with my friend Kiko and his gf. Pretty fucking awesome so far. biggrin.gif

My neighbors are two of my besties and their always over. Gotta get used to our house ALWAYS having visitors. It's crazy!!!
We have a lil Manson Compound going on lol.


My life is grand right now. I havent been this happy in a very very very long ass time. I'm content. Good job, my own car, my own place.... LIFE IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!

The only thing is been super horny lol so if you guys have any guy friends who are into chics with more cushion for the pushin... send him my way wink.gif


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We would have been a year BLAH!!! This is a day I can never forget, just want you to know YOU ruined Halloween for me!

as the days get closer and closer to halloween I get more and more depressed.

why couldnt we have started dating on some other non holiday day hahaha. woe is me.

so this halloween im gonna party my ass off and keep myself busy so i wont have time to think of you!

fukheartburn! and fukdouches!

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Make up your fucking mind if you want me or not gawddamnit!

Just when I think I'm fine going on without him he calls or texts or messages me shit... giving me false hope. then he tells me the next day he doesnt know what he wants...

fucking just stringing me along and the worse part is i allow him to do it...

I'm sooo ready to just leave this rock and him behind.. but he tells me to stay and of course cause i love not only him but his son i fucking stay...

for a month or two more at least....

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