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Damn I really hate it that my Hubbby is sick.Well you know you can't help when shit happens. But hey I tried my best to take care of him. I don't know if I did a good job at it. Well I just hope he feels better. I haven't really spend time with him lately. I'm Just getting worried. Well I read a horescope today on friendster and i didn't really like it much. But I don't know should I listen to it or should I just say fuck it, I'll hold everything on my own. Well for the past couple of days I've been tring to think up of some cover songs that the bend can do. I'm running out of ideas. Hopefully my band members think of something.
No Brain non of those crazy shit my vocals can't handle. We have practice on Sunday hopefully thing go okay.
Well Babes I really hope you get better, I miss you!

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Dammit my birthday is tomorrow and I really have no clue what the hell I'm going to do. Well I can always treat it like another boring day for me. I think I have band practice. Forget it, I'll just drink a whole bottle of Jack and coke to myself or something. Oh well I'm getting older, that means I really need to get my shit together. All I know is that when I get up tomorrow morning I'm just gonna find an envelop tape to my door with $50 in it from my dad. That's just about it. It's been that way since I was 14 years old. We actually never go out to dinner like a normal family. Well all I know is that, when I have my own family(which is i do now) A special day will never go by me. Well happy early birthday to me.

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Well we played that night. We had fun and everything. It kinda suck though cause we had to play rihgt after Moniskat and Slavesoul. But hey who gives a fuck right! Anyways it was my Hubby's Birthday that night and I actually had plans for that evening, but shit had to go down. Well there's always next time. I wish I could've done for him that night. All I had in mind was singing him a song on stage with the Dick dogs, I had to call Junslave up to the stage, hopeing he was gonna like what i did for him, insted he loved what I did for him. Honestly to say some of the crowd suck so much ass that night. It's just not the same. I knida felt bad leaving right after our set ended, because my son calls, saying he could'nt sleep without me and Junslave. Junslave couldn't leave because of the sounds, so I had to go. I ended falling asleep putting him to sleep knowing that Junslave was still waiting for my return at the mosh. As soon as he calls I left to go get him. I got scared cause he said that cops were there. Dammit I missed the whole fight thing. Oh well I'm never arond when that happens anyways!
Well we're playing again at Century Plaza this Saturday for GW's Rock and Bowl Hopefully we do good!
I love you babes!!!!

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Well Junslave and I went to check out the 3 Doors Down Concert. Which was rally good. Only if they had enough shade for about 500 people or more. We waited in the car for about 30 to 45 mins just to get in. Dude Military was fucken originized about parking. Waited again for almost an hour just to leave. But hey we had an awsome time at the show. I thought I wasn't going until my HONEY JUNSLAVE SURPRISED ME WITH TICKETS. Thanx again Babes. I love you.
Anyways. It was so fucken hot that day, I wanted to beat the leaving shit out of alot of people. At least I didn't get dark. Junslave was my shade throughout the whole show. That's my baby. I also thought that 3 Door Down was just gonna play for about an hour. But they end up playing about another 10 mins extra. Honestly Smelly Pits that day wasn't the highlight of the day. My highlight getting back in the car and jamming out the AC. Well that's all folks.

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Mosh Party that happen on the 1st turned out pretty good. There wasn't as many people then expected. Which means more beer to pass around. There's was enough people to get the mosh party going. With the rain it just made it better. Moshing in the rain was awsome. Moshes started when Slavesoul smoked up the stage. At first we thought it wouldn't turn out good because of the weather but hey if you can't beat the rain join it. Thanks to Kendrick from "Smear" for lending us his Drum set. Lucky thing non of the equipment got ruin. Walking around the equipments constantly drove me nuts. But hey, you know at least you're tring to keep everything in good condition.
Thanks to my band "Joyce and the Dick Dogs" For at least having balls to go out and play for the first time, which turned out pretty good for our first time. Also great thankx to the other bands out there who put up a good show that night.
-Smear was awsome first time I heard them. Talk about three man band.
-Joyce and the Dick Dogs, first time out and did great, I'm proud of my band members, even though we were missing one person we did great, but never complete if 1/4 of the heart was missing.
-Slavesoul, likes always gets people's heart thumping.
-Moniskat, put up a show with alot of energy. Like always, people were still junmping all over the place.
-Fell into Fracture, Closed out the show with awsome songs. Thanx again guys. Like always you're welcome to play anytime.
I know there were other bands there that wanted to play. I'm sorry we just ran out of time.
Hopefully some time soon there will be another mosh party for all to enjoy.
Thanx Again to all who showed up and partied out.
Til' Next time.

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