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I can't never stay away from this place. *wink

I can't wait to see the whole Super Sweet 16: Exiled. HAHA BITCHES! No more Bank o' Daddy/Mommy anymore. Eat shite you spoiled cunts! Put yo money where your mouth is. Anyway . . .

Well, I'm still in school still majoring in Early Childhood. :p
Hope everyone is well. Just glad the last earthquake stopped before it reached a magnitude over seven unlike in China then before that, another tragic mess in Myanmar. *sighs

Global warming scares the me. But what bugs me most are the people who take complete advantage of Uncle Sam. Baby booming here and there just to make their children U.S. citizens.

And I voted for Clinton. :p Call me paranoid, but Obama is on my fear list. He's half Muslim and they're very devoted to their religion. His middle name is Hussein and he wants to give what Guam wants---is that to take over Guam and make it yours . . . Its awesome that he might be the first black man to win, but WHAT IF he's an inside job?!

So vote wisely.

Don't mind def.

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Oh so peachy. Yes indeed. AND LENGHTY once again.

There are just some things you gotta keep to yourselves and keep it shut. Sometimes you speak out too much as if there's a big cock in your face and you just gotta please it. (Oops. Too much? I'm just disappointed.) People have fucken feelings. To be obnoxious is one thing, but to be arrogant and sarcastic is a whole different story. Sorry that you haven't had enough attention when you were younger and that your family is at the bottom of your "Turn-to list". It doesn't give you the right to put people down for your own entertainment. Just glad that you are able to step up, apologize and recognize that it was you all along. You're not a bad person at all, we all know that, you're just going through so much that lashing out at others is one of your many ways to disguise who you really are.

Everyone will eventually go through a phase in life where they have to suffer a great amount of pain; whether it be emotional or physical but we all know that even the smallest things can leave us scarred for life. There's just something in our minds that will blow up and either keeps us temporarily or permanently unwell.

Got my labret again. Yay. Going back to school is gonna cause me a bad credit line. Fack. I wanna be a flight attendant though. But first I need to get rid of these muffin tops so I don't need to turn when someone walks passed me on an airplane and so my ass won't be on someone's face when I'm stuffing my carry-on atop me seat OORRR when I wanna pee I won't feel like the restroom will forever be OCCUPIED. But fuck the pills and Slimfast (I haven't done any but hearing about the suffering, no thanks.) and hello Hip-Hop Workout or that Urban thing with the mini tramploine. coooool!

Got an idea, not really, but sorta. ei.gif's Guam people should take a pic all together then the people back in the mainland can take one too then someone pro with PS can combine us as one "community". Gay? I know. Its prolly gonne be simple back on Guam since we can just meet at Kmart's rooftop or something but then you guys out there gotta fly or drive for hours. That would be cool. OOOORRR just have an a compilation of pix in a collage that shapes EI. What's the artistic term again?

Too much red bull doesn't only give you wings, it causes an increased sense of whack randomness as well. It makes me like a muscle man only working with his body but not his mind. Then when he starts to think, it makes no sense. Wait. Did I just sample myself as a man? *sighs


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Just a brief, boring update.

Still working at the same place, not going to school and now looking for a new job. Might move out and stay down souf.

I have this urge to blow another check on a Zune. I WILL DO IT. And might get my labret repierced. I officially only have eight holes. sad.gif My left ear lost its upper hole. Mang!! But got another tat and two more. One or two stupid ones with meaning, but stupid because they look stupid and a backpiece. HAHA! *sighs

Money! I hate money but we need it. Can toilet tissue be money?! But wait, then how did we get/buy the tissue with anyway if that were the truth? laugh.gif:hide:

I'll stop now.

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College life is uncertain once again. Hah!

I blew a paycheck a couple of weeks ago on a Nintendo DS Lite and did not pay my full monthly tuition fee, therefore I have to pay 400$ this month. And it being Xmas,
some people are gonna have to wait. *sighs

But I don't regret, well, kinda. I stay up nite after nite playing "Cherry." Yes. I name inanimate objects. Since they make me happy, they may as well have a name. Was supposed to only get the system till I asked the d00t if they had any new shipments for Mario Bros.

Since they've been out of stock. He said there's one more left. I really didn't want to spend all my money so I said that he "was just saying that as a tactic to reel me in"---he just laughed and at the same time had the look that I actually had said that, but what?! I didn't want to be fooled, but I was anyway, because I got it. laugh.gif Plus them screen sticker-protectors . . . so my screens are virgins. Heh.

Heh. After how long since I haven't posted an entry and this is what I talk about. tongue.gif Its not like life is that interesting, except late last month I met someone with potential. *ahem Okay. Nevermind.

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My chances of graduating college is thinning out. I need to party hard before I go to plan B. God help me poor soul. Heh.

I wanna stick to blood and gore, because if I continue my major in education, I might just create little sadistic fantasies in my head. My imagination sure has a mind of its own. And no boys and girls, nothing sexual involves in these fanatasies.

Can't wait for Halloween. But since I lost my wallet with a 100$ and my base ID, then that means one broke ass Halloween and no more cheap shite for a month. Kmart! Here I come.

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