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im already some what on the move to find a new drummer. thing is, im so frikin picky. im tryin to look for one thats within age group, likes the same music we like, likes the songs we play, is already a close friend of ours(its akward with strangers) and is actualy pretty good................fuck...........i hate being so picky

well, im on the go now, later guess

oh on the side note, shawn u r still not free and will never be free. hell ur like 1 seat away from me and you have no idea that im typing this or will even know were i put this, but when u do, plz dnt hurt me, lol

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i'm telling shawn 

next time i'm food tripping in mcdonalds drive through at midnight...


It's okay to be picky sometimes.
(you really should post this stuff in a thread)

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