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notes to self(i come here to type stuff out to remind myself of shit i guess? idk)

-work on those new 6 songs with sen
-stop botherin chester about the whole thing, i'd rather not anoy him about it
-save money
-sleep more
-gain contact with junslave or elazar
-pay liz
-pay dad
-eh? i'll think of more

so when the sun's out and the moon is about, do you sell your soul for the light? or do you dream awake in the night?
-that was gay!!!!! lol

random shiz neka!

nothin to do here on guam(get me out of here!!!)


idk if anyone noticed but i really dont have anythin important or interesting to say. Im so frinkin boring and bored out of my mind. Not like school though, that was like my own personal hell man. it was like prison. fuck man, i can just remember that feeling of being locked up and doing the same shit differ day kinda thing. thank god its over man, cause i dont ever wantt to step into a school again espeacialy JFK. fuck, the most uneventful school that i ever knew(at least when i attended it)

what I noticed about myself is that I think i bring badluck around me, like its a constant karma for me. the places I have worked at where pretrty slow. Seems like everytime i go to casa its slow(except jeff's b-day party) but when im not around its pretty eventful. and this whole stupid band thing man, i blame myself for that. but fuck, i dont really want to give up on it but i feel so bumbed though. pathetic eh?

i was talking to chester, and im really starting to think about deleting that 671 music scene. no tryin to be fucked up, but its obvious that the scene is either hardcore emo or whatever and metal and i dont really want to be a part of that scene, espeacialy 1 that does'nt suport you. plus i think indie u know? i dont want any thing helpin us . do it yourself. plus u apreciate the small things in life by DIY.

im sleepy so idk what the fuck im talking about really

shoot me!

wierd stuff
-dont listen to the bunny that eats other bunnys that eat feces(spelling) while counting backwards and thinking of the abc's

everythin coust money...........wtf is up with that?

im stupid, so dont listen to, in fact either 1 comment me on how stupid i am or 2 dont comment at all or 3, tell me that i need a life and that i crave attention

n4u80rw)(*&34u0gne)095_*_45U BRU-9UBNR[4

................*sigh*............life sux

but i love living in america

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Chug a can 

of Monster. Things tend to move faster. tongue.gif

4. None of the above.. 

You should take support wherever you can get it. DIY in the music business isn't as easy as some make you think. Ask Jeff.. and Luke.. and everyone else that has been doing it for the past decade at least.

That's what we're here for. Support. For all genres. Hell, if you played country, bring it! I'm down to shake it to some good honky-tonkin'.

Omg. I'm actually serious.

Tell your goddamn bunnies 

That they need lives and to stop fucking reproducing while wallowing in feces.

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