./EI Version 2.5 - Stand your ground! :: September 15, 2019, 6:35 pm
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.....i guess we're playin the "star spangled slaughter" show. its funny cause jayton got the name cause of the metal and punk bands that are playin.lol, im guessin we're punk? cause we sure as hell dont play metal, lol. then again we dont sound punk. ah watever, does'nt matter. gonna use this show to practice before the 8th. but from what i heard it might be better. dunno. geuss we'll find out when we play. he said we can do whatever we want at the show. so...............can i buy a water gun and shoot everyone?, lol.

i really hope that Tisha'a b-day party goes well.

type more later i guess, gtg

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Chris: im sorry i cant help it, lol
okadaj: hey fro, you got some smack fro?? dood stop trying to get me fired at work!
anonymous coward: lol wtf?
anonymous coward: cuz i miss you and i want you back nooooooooo!!!!
slavepoet: pop pop ya don't stop