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i still cant get over of how fuckin kick ass Tisha's b-day party went. I mean dispite the owner being a dick and havin so much problems goin on, the bands kicked ass! fuck yes.

Idk what it was about that nite too when we played. everythin felt so natural. we had such a great time playin, and the crowd was fun too. there was this vibe around and it felt great. thats when we realised(or at least thats what i felt, lol) that we needed eachother in the band and such. we have fun doin it, so, why not? we asked Cody to be back in the band(and he has been hinting since the Star spangled banner that he wanted to be back) and now we are complete again. i just hope it continues this way and continue to be fun.

anyway, i just had to let it out. oh and those of you who asked about stickers, we is gonna work on them =)

still watin for the mid july to start recordin and shiz =)

see ya at more shows!

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I'm glad to hear.. 

that you guys are staying together. I would like to see you play again the next time I'm on island.. and I'm sure you'll be even better..

Good luck with the recording and stuff.

Btw, you really should start a thread about your band in the forums. Go ahead. You know you want to!

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