./EI Version 2.5 - Kid tested, Mother approved. :: September 15, 2019, 5:39 pm
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if every, if not, a good amount of bands had there cd's/albums/originals ready to go, and everyone had enought money and shit, and we all left island to the U.S all at the same time............lol its would be like a "671" invasion in the U.S........doubt it would work, unless we can get some kind of media to notice the spetical and have it make headline news or some shiz. it would be nice if that actualy worked, lol

lookin forward to the 31'st.........hope it goes well

i was gonna type some more stuff..............but then i forgot what it was =) oh well

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Chris: im sorry i cant help it, lol
okadaj: hey fro, you got some smack fro?? dood stop trying to get me fired at work!
anonymous coward: lol wtf?
anonymous coward: cuz i miss you and i want you back nooooooooo!!!!
slavepoet: pop pop ya don't stop