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is back, that is if u care lol.

idk, but im rather excited again. feels like we're starting out again, or more of a start over if you ask me. right now i dont really care about shows persay, im more into wanting to write new material, something that i've been tryin to get the band to do for a long while but way too many cercumstances came about. hopefully its all behind us

its aparant that some people missed us, so if you're interested, go check out livehouse on the 10nth. we're playin along with Modus Operandi, BFHB, and so on (i forgot the list haha) but i heard there's a secret band playin as well, so, should be fun.

after that we should be on the DL for a while, but over all, we're not dead. not yet, haha

whatever you dont care =)


what else?


eh, i forget

oh well, later my fav ppl's!

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of course we care. smile.gif


I'm happy to hear this.

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