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well it this seems to be the only time i have to go through my blog sites and all, and catch up on this music scene of ours lol


i was thinking about the past if you will as far as music goes, and i realized, i needed to take the time out to thank certain people for idk, either inspiring me or supporting nzeexruos since day one

i'll go down in order

lets jump into my time machin =)

-Dylan, the guy that started it all for me. I remember when I dated both Lauren and Sen (not at the same time of cource, lol) I went over with them to Wes's place to go hang out i guess. felt really wierd and akward, but, idk it was cool cuz Dylan went out of his way to intro himself and ended up borrowing my guitar and played (witch are now 2 of my fav bands) Hum's Stars and Sunny Day Real Estate's in circles. That is the guy who introed me into this whole "Indie" music and all. I miss that guy, wonder if he is still wrrting music (i need some of his cd's!!!!)
Bj, Tisha, AJ, Allan were the people i can remember bein there those 2 nights i went over

-Aj, when we went over to go see Numskull one night, he was there with open arms and basicly just idk how you would put it, but paved way to the many shows we plaed last year and put us were we are with is very far if you ask me. he's been an awsome guy and friend since day one amd still continues
He even let sen and I on the gu magazine shoot! awsome!

-Tisha and Dan, nzeexruos' number one fans haha. they have been supporting us since Aj, and was cool to let us play at tisha's b-day party(witch by the way was a breaking though point =) letting us play along with bastard squad (who we were highly scared of, lol)and letting us play other shows just because they wanted us out there. i love those 2 they are awsome!!!!!

-Luke, the music guru as i would describe him, haha. everytime i've seen that guy he's always had an advice to give us witch i highly respected and took to heart. always talkin about the music scene then (witch i liked cuz i was very interested in the og bands.....none of these, eh, idk. lame bands if you will?) that guy is awsome

-Bj, another guy who only fueld my hunger for Indie. always had some random band playin in his car whenever he picked sen and I up (when we dated) and i always looked up to him as an older brother. hope that guy is doin well, have'nt heard about him in a while. wish he continued drumming and all, haha he was a fun guy

-Stitch and Stones, the EI masters! big supporters of 671 music scene. I remember when mama stoney came back to guam, she wanted to watch us play, but sen was off island. haha, i was hessitant to play but since both jeff and tisha asked, i said fine. we got on , played, and got off. little did i knw that she would like us, haha. i think that was the first time i saw Lisa and Ivan of Low Tolerance. And Dave because he played in one of my fave local bands (ars poetica at least i think so haha) and because he made this site witch is really frikin helpful =)

-Lisa and Ivan, another couple who are big supporters of us. they are awsome, and congrats to them on their upcommin wedding =)

-Chester, haha i know he'll be anoyed by this, but idk, that guy has been an awsome friend to me and i look up to him because he is an awsome vocalist!!!!

ah! im not done but i gtg, but i'll continue this blog thingy later! bye pplz of EI

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i did notice you guys throwing in some recognizable covers to get people going like i suggested.


you guys are awesome and deserve all the support you get. It's crazy how I know everyone on that list except for Chester, but you and I have only met once.

Keep on playing/practicing because the next time I'm there, I'll be requesting for your band to play. For sure.


ars poetica? i think i did sound for them once...

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