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Enjoy, bass-kitty

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A penny saved is a penny earned, but a stolen case of beer gets you a hell of a lot drunker.

./To: Mr. Brown

most recent blog entry.

Mr. Brown: kill urself no0b u phail at life. Failing to kick in when I need your caffeinated ass wtf. Just cuz you're convenient and cold and tasty... chh.

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./Gutted's shoutbox

anonymous coward: nyahaha. watch your back. i might throw giant leaves at you.
visceral: doodle de doodle bass
visceral: 'allo!
visceral: I changed my mind. *kick
visceral: noo way. I'm nice.
Gutted: You gonna kick my ass now or wat?
anonymous coward: dont fuck with a fast food employee believe me
visceral: omgrawb
cube: not quite cherry,,,but i'll still hit up your shoutbox..
8gauge: pwntang, baybeh.
visceral: Fffffffffffffffff
ff. I'll PWN you.
visceral: armbarers4eva!
Gutted: OK OK! gosh.
visceral: damn. you're due for a blog update. wtf suckahhhh
visceral: okay. if you insist.