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xmas vacation is almost over...im gonna go to sleep early and wake up early to get used to going back to work again..shit....hahha....had a few gigs here and there with SLAVESOUL during vacation, the gigs were last min..so not much advertising went on.....seems our biggest demographic in terms of CD's sold is the highschool crowd which is cool, weird finding ur students with the CDs should slap them but its kool hahha.....we're anticipating the demise of the current incarnation of SLAVESOUL becuz Randz is splitting...but who said we won't go down fighting!! every gig from here on out will be total fuckin jihad....high probability the rest of us will eventually follow to the mainland....might as well do it now..while my bones dont ache yet... cant rock out when ur reaching retirement age.. unless ur the STones or Aerosmith...
suck my @%^
Jun over n out!
dont u notice Keith Richards looks like the cryptkeeper??

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vacations all i ever wanted
vacation how did you get away
vacation was meant to be spent alone...

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when are u coming out?

Hoy Jun-Jun..... 

Funny how things were so "set" back then, eh?


Bros fo' lyfe, mang.

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deVoLgRrL: hoy. musta na? haha. gotta break out the tagalog.
deVoLgRrL: hoy. musta na? haha. gotta break out the tagalog. ;
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KITTIE: I really Miss you. Hope you feel better!
KITTIE: I really Miss you. Hope you feel better!
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