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Dammit my birthday is tomorrow and I really have no clue what the hell I'm going to do. Well I can always treat it like another boring day for me. I think I have band practice. Forget it, I'll just drink a whole bottle of Jack and coke to myself or something. Oh well I'm getting older, that means I really need to get my shit together. All I know is that when I get up tomorrow morning I'm just gonna find an envelop tape to my door with $50 in it from my dad. That's just about it. It's been that way since I was 14 years old. We actually never go out to dinner like a normal family. Well all I know is that, when I have my own family(which is i do now) A special day will never go by me. Well happy early birthday to me.

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happy burffday focker!

and that's the tooth fairy slapping those 50$ to your door.

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