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Life is what you make it

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Home Page http://www.endignorance.com
Birthday 4/18/1982
Location In the arms of BJGSB
Interests My Sons & my Husband.


"Life is like a Box Full of Sharp Objects"


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Damn I really hate it that my Hubbby is sick.Well you know you can't help when shit happens. But hey I tried my best to take care of him. I don't know if I did a good job at it. Well I just hope he feels better. I haven't really spend time with him lately. I'm Just getting worried. Well I read a horescope today on friendster and i didn't really like it much. But I don't know should I listen to it or should I just say fuck it, I'll hold everything on my own. Well for the past couple of days I've been tring to think up of some cover songs that the bend can do. I'm running out of ideas. Hopefully my band members think of something.
No Brain non of those crazy shit my vocals can't handle. We have practice on Sunday hopefully thing go okay.
Well Babes I really hope you get better, I miss you!

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