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a finish line haphazardly painted on a public road.

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don't think it works...

the sketch thing...

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GTA is currently looking at what i pull up on the internet so hopefully they'll read this too.

anyway, I can't get anything from googles sites right now, youtube, email, searching all gone...

i am missing half the internet.

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he's pissed that George W. Bush has been going around 8 years saying that god wanted him to be president.

If God wants anyone in that office it is Barrack Obama. Hands down... i almost think that if there is a god, he's all like "what the fuck is this asshole always bringing up my name for, i'll send them a good candidate! maybe someone that won't kill my pretty little planet."

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jeaniexmurda: i miss yr old hair
anonymous coward: Hey, luke you said I'm on Guam? It is me joey.
visceral: when Lo and I were unstable, your name turned into Rufus. it was awesome.
RaveN: ..and take it up tha whaaaaaa
Lucas: turn over
jeaniexmurda: my name is luke UGH i live on the second floor
vaeners: hey luke...drop it like it's mai'pe!
Apostate: imagine how I feel...
: I see.
mama stony: think you're bad?
RaveN: dude CLint's always online but on his fukn game
munchkin: pwns your ass!
lickedopenwounds: hey luke
truly_yours: word luke.
Lucas: my own box of shouts