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watching me watch you watched by your computer 

Imagine all the voyeristic computers addicted to porn. Could you consider it beastiality?


sup Luke...haven't seen you in awhile haha


sup Luke...haven't seen you in awhile haha

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Conni and Me on my birthday.CarabaoAsanthe mall, in the rainnew village 2abd 042

./Lucas's shoutbox

jeaniexmurda: i miss yr old hair
anonymous coward: Hey, luke you said I'm on Guam? It is me joey.
visceral: when Lo and I were unstable, your name turned into Rufus. it was awesome.
RaveN: ..and take it up tha whaaaaaa
Lucas: turn over
jeaniexmurda: my name is luke UGH i live on the second floor
vaeners: hey luke...drop it like it's mai'pe!
Apostate: imagine how I feel...
: I see.
mama stony: think you're bad?
RaveN: dude CLint's always online but on his fukn game
munchkin: pwns your ass!
lickedopenwounds: hey luke
truly_yours: word luke.
Lucas: my own box of shouts