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weighing 200 pounds.

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Home Page http://www.myspace.com/lucasarthur
Birthday 9/23/1978
Location Parts Unkown
Interests turn to the dark side.


hafa adai todo mauleg how are you?
hafa adai todo mauleg thank you....

./you know what i haven't seen in a while?

most recent blog entry.

a finish line haphazardly painted on a public road.

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./Lucas's flickr stream

Conni and Me on my birthday.CarabaoAsanthe mall, in the rainnew village 2abd 042

./Lucas's shoutbox

jeaniexmurda: i miss yr old hair
anonymous coward: Hey, luke you said I'm on Guam? It is me joey.
visceral: when Lo and I were unstable, your name turned into Rufus. it was awesome.
RaveN: ..and take it up tha whaaaaaa
Lucas: turn over
jeaniexmurda: my name is luke UGH i live on the second floor
vaeners: hey luke...drop it like it's mai'pe!
Apostate: imagine how I feel...
: I see.
mama stony: think you're bad?
RaveN: dude CLint's always online but on his fukn game
munchkin: pwns your ass!
lickedopenwounds: hey luke
truly_yours: word luke.
Lucas: my own box of shouts