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This month marks my one year anniversary of learning the guitar. I, like almost all others in my category, now measure my time of playing in years, no longer months, or even weeks.

As I sat in my room earlier, attempting to teach myself sweep-picking, I contemplated my progress as a guitarist, and even bassist, though I didn't mark down when I first started stealing Felix's bass and learning on it. But, I realized, my progress hasn't come very far in the past 12 months. True, I did gain proficiency in learning songs, whereas when I first started, American Jesus was a difficult song for me (now it's a staple in our set, and is the first song we ever learned as a band, heh). I've learned some scales, and chord progressions, random other tidbits of theory (CAGED, Arpeggios, etc), but really, I could have done so much more. Now I'm on a mission to gain knowledge and proficiency as a guitarist, by trying advanced techniques (like the aforementioned sweep-picking, and the tapping TK helped teach me). I can only hope that in the next 12 months, I can more than double the amount I learned in my first year.

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congratulations, kid 

the title says it all.


ill rember you next time i consider sleeping or eating or breathing or something silly like that over learning something new on the drumstongue.gif


That's the musician's adage...once you get something down, where next to conquer. <!--emo&evil.gif--><img src='http://endignorance.com/forums/html/emoticons/evil.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='evil.gif' /><!--endemo-->


you probably know more than me and i've been playing for 10+ years.

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