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There's no such priest that can pray me to heaven

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Home Page http://myspace.com/Munkienut
Birthday 7/4/1986
Location I live in a giant bucket
Interests I like food. Music is cool too, I guess. Everyone knows I only play in a band for the sex appeal... doesn't seem to be working though. Oops.

Oh, interests? Uhhh. *Runs and hides*

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Angels, they fell first, but I'm still here


./I feel so lost

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just got hit with inspiration for a song. I've got the lyrics down in Notepad, and onomatopoeia (did I spell that right?) for the guitar parts, as well as chord progressions and timing. Thing is, I don't have my guitar. Spankie has it, she's doing something to the strap for me. I feel so lost. I want to go upstairs and try this stuff out, before inspiration fades, or I forget how it's supposed to go, but I can't. I just called up TK, seeing if he'd let me borrow one of his extra guitars, but he's note home (went to his GCC class). I'm sitting here, trying to memorize the tune, and feeling sort of lost. I really need an extra guitar, even if it's a beaten up old acoustic or something, just so I can play randomly when I want to, and so things like this don't happen to

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anonymous coward: James - hahaha - are you capable of NOT being sexy?
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