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i think its wonderful. we're all growing up (finally?) i need dates, names, address, what have you.

here's mine. feel free to crash it.

Almitra & Richard's wedding
Saturday, September 20, 2008
Outrigger Resort Guam
Reception to follow.

can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

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& many others.
it is going to be epic!
are the dresses done yet?


yep. theyre done. come to the city.

so far... 

probably the 15th


rad. im excited for all of us!


also excited for all of us..
I mean, you. All of you.


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./almitra's shoutbox

almitra: jesus. i wish we could have hung out more. next time since i found out where you live haha
jeaniexmurda: the beer was good
jeaniexmurda: the jeep is game tight
jeaniexmurda: awesome friday
jeaniexmurda: lubriderm is good. lotion is always good for the motion.
almitra: what about the lubriderm lady? mwahaha
jeaniexmurda: i went to safeway with you & stole airborne cause i was getting sick. me & my thievin little hands.
cube: i didnt get to pop it,,,
mikez: there, i've shouted. bleh.