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Home Page http://www.myspace.com/spameggsandrice
Birthday 5/14/1986
Location san francisco, ca
Interests photos. guitar. cigarettes. blackberry. sleep. anxiety attacks. mc donalds. hula dancing. nasal decongestants. hobots. antihistamines. cars. plastic surgery. japan. the angered elderly. hair removal. antibacterial soap. coffee.


it's the thuggish, ruggish, bone.

./i take it back, its not a perfect world.

most recent blog entry.

last blog noted all of the weddings taking place in this lovely world.

i take mine back. im not getting married, probably never will. almitra is a fuck up and fucks everything up. sorry guys. the party is not happening and no one is more disappointed than me.

it would all be so easy if we lived in the matrix.

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./almitra's shoutbox

almitra: jesus. i wish we could have hung out more. next time since i found out where you live haha
jeaniexmurda: the beer was good
jeaniexmurda: the jeep is game tight
jeaniexmurda: awesome friday
jeaniexmurda: lubriderm is good. lotion is always good for the motion.
almitra: what about the lubriderm lady? mwahaha
jeaniexmurda: i went to safeway with you & stole airborne cause i was getting sick. me & my thievin little hands.
cube: i didnt get to pop it,,,
mikez: there, i've shouted. bleh.