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Home Page http://caustic.vze.com
Birthday 8/8/1950
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Interests Music. Writing. Reading.

....Capitalism. Slavery. Genocide. Sitcoms. Guns. War. Pollution. Addiction. NAFTA. Thigh-Master.


"hey does this smell like chloroform to you?"


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n00berz: hell.....o.
: Woot! Woot!
32oz: muushuu whoshoe buubuu poopoo. wenksauce
shawn_the_idiot: Happy new year! still sober after two years.
asinine_: yeah, what in the dagny taggart is up with the hate?
sxtxixtxcxh: hey whoa... whats with the hostility?
shawn_the_idiot: yeah fuck you period
sxtxixtxcxh: gluten maximum
anonymous coward: hey bebby :3
munchkin: herro!
asinine_: Mr. Brown pimps coffee beans. that explains his get up.
Riss: hey hey ...
asinine_: Guten Morgen
anonymous coward: guten abend