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I can't never stay away from this place. *wink

I can't wait to see the whole Super Sweet 16: Exiled. HAHA BITCHES! No more Bank o' Daddy/Mommy anymore. Eat shite you spoiled cunts! Put yo money where your mouth is. Anyway . . .

Well, I'm still in school still majoring in Early Childhood. :p
Hope everyone is well. Just glad the last earthquake stopped before it reached a magnitude over seven unlike in China then before that, another tragic mess in Myanmar. *sighs

Global warming scares the me. But what bugs me most are the people who take complete advantage of Uncle Sam. Baby booming here and there just to make their children U.S. citizens.

And I voted for Clinton. :p Call me paranoid, but Obama is on my fear list. He's half Muslim and they're very devoted to their religion. His middle name is Hussein and he wants to give what Guam wants---is that to take over Guam and make it yours . . . Its awesome that he might be the first black man to win, but WHAT IF he's an inside job?!

So vote wisely.

Don't mind def.

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Paranoia -noun. Baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.

Honey. Obama hasn't done anything wrong. Voting against someone because of his/her religion and/or name just doesn't seem right.

Voting for someone just because you're paranoid about the other one just seems even worse. What if CLINTON is the inside job?

Take your own advice, vote wisely.

i was gonna vote for obama... 

...until i found out he's half white



I agree with mamastony. 

on another note:

Baby booming seems to be on the agenda of everyone in my office. I'm totally staying away from whatever the hell they're drinking out of the vending machines.


lol you're right and i know what paranoid means, but thanks. even if hasn't done anything (yet). there are just too many things that would connect him to being what he might be. but its just an opinion, its not like im having a campaign on guam against him. just speaking my voice but obviously its too controversial so ill talk about something else. biggrin.gif

I know this is late.. 

but I just wanted to say some things..

First, you're very welcome to voice your opinion. As are we, don't you think?

Second, I didn't doubt your knowledge of the word paranoid. I used it to emphasis my point, that's all.

Third, it's not so much your choice of candidate that has upset us, but more of why you've sided with that person. The controversy isn't so much the political party, but your state of mind.

Your thoughts are controversial in itself. You tell us to vote wisely, yet you're voting based on paranoia. Not exactly a wise way to go, if you know what I'm saying. Which I'm sure you do.

That's all.

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