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Birthday 1/1/1986
Location Your pantolones
Interests -MUSIC
-sesame balls
-indie films
-the imagination
-being with family&friends

&meeting your mama. ;o

^ w-o-w... so old now. (21Sept13)


"You CANNOT kill what you DID NOT create."

./That time of month + p a r a n o i a

most recent blog entry.

I can't never stay away from this place. *wink

I can't wait to see the whole Super Sweet 16: Exiled. HAHA BITCHES! No more Bank o' Daddy/Mommy anymore. Eat shite you spoiled cunts! Put yo money where your mouth is. Anyway . . .

Well, I'm still in school still majoring in Early Childhood. :p
Hope everyone is well. Just glad the last earthquake stopped before it reached a magnitude over seven unlike in China then before that, another tragic mess in Myanmar. *sighs

Global warming scares the me. But what bugs me most are the people who take complete advantage of Uncle Sam. Baby booming here and there just to make their children U.S. citizens.

And I voted for Clinton. :p Call me paranoid, but Obama is on my fear list. He's half Muslim and they're very devoted to their religion. His middle name is Hussein and he wants to give what Guam wants---is that to take over Guam and make it yours . . . Its awesome that he might be the first black man to win, but WHAT IF he's an inside job?!

So vote wisely.

Don't mind def.

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./defamation's shoutbox

defamation: lol a tot rubbin himself. haha!
visceral: I mean... crEEpy.
visceral: stewie is creppy when he rubs in such places
anonymous coward: loser!
: I try. , because empticons aren't my thing. Maybe I should invent it.
defamation: haha face feeler. good one.
anonymous coward: thisemoticon crap just isn't working for me, they should invent a face feeler for emotions.
anonymous coward: ahhh, never mind, I got it you guys were talking about you. apologize.
anonymous coward: Hey, how are you doing? R U nigaz talking about me & my fugly ass pose on my avatar? Oh this is Joe. Bwahahahaha! :evil:
defamation: eat dirt! you not on guam?? you're posing in your profile pic nikkuh! heh.
8gauge: neva nigga. neva.
defamation: and what myspace angle pix? like you've never posed!
defamation: im still grieving asshole!