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Just this past year so many good and bad things happened to me.

I will go over the bad things because I think it's always good to get it over with quick:

1.) My father passed away, the worst possible thing to happen to me yet.
2.) My best friend committed suicide.
3.) My cousin drowned.

All of this wreaked havoc on me in the middle of Fall semester. Only weeks from each other. But I know the last thing they would want me to do is dwell over what has happened and would want me to do well.

The good things that happened this year:

1.) I applied for three scholarships and won them all. One being $10,000 worth, which was a real shock to me because I didn't think I could win it.
2.) Got recommended for a scholarship to go to almost any Eastern European Nation I want, hopefully I get chosen.

But this has definitely been a year that has really changed my life in so many different ways, but I am happy to have lived through it.

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