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I am hiring.
$60 a week to do my homework: College Math
I have 6 weeks of school, so you make $360 & i'll pay you via PayPal.

All you gotta do is:
1) Answer discussion questions.
2) Do assignments / quizzes / tests.

Why don't I do it?
Cause I'm steady makin' money to pay YOU for doing the work.
$360 for math work sure beats a 9 to 5.
Let me know.

i'm srsly thinking about posting that on Craigslist or something.
The last time I tried to do that I caught sooooo much heat because it was 'unethical'.
But then again I wasn't being specific & I just asked for 'help' & people thought I needed a tutor.

A job is a job, right?

I suck at math.
I cheated in every math class I ever had, which got me where I am today.
I'm definitely going somewhere in life, but I'll just suck at algebra FOREVER.

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what happens come test time? just remember the 3 properties of algebra,,,,

1. communicative(aka talk to me u sexy bitch)

2. associative(aka your as fucked up as your friends are)

3. distributive (aka bitch where's my money?)

....now that you are a genius at algebra, you can move on to more important things in life like making money.


cube is our resident genius



isnt it retarded that were going to art school but we still gotta deal with that bullshit.

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