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Yesterday sxtxixtxcxh & I had the great pleasure of finally meeting toxicremedy in person. The one time we exchanged smiles at the airport as I was leaving Guam doesn't count. LOL!

We took her site-seeing in Downtown Seattle for a couple hours. She's awesome. I'm bummed that we couldn't have hung out longer. Or partied like rockstars. But I still had a great time. Maeby warmed up to her real quick, as well.

And it just so happened that when I finally get the chance to go on a photography adventure with her, every single camera I own is broken.. except for my iStone. Photos aren't that great. Boo!

Thanks, Clarissa. For making time during your trip out here to hang out with us. A small family you only knew via the internet. I'm honored. Next time I'm on Guam, maybe we could have a drink or six together.

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did you guys go into that pirate store down by the waterfront?

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sxtxixtxcxh told she was going to be in town, and i was totally supposed to come up for her visit, but instead i just continued living my life.


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