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mama stony

Simply Complex. Totally Insane.

Joined: Sep. 21, 2003

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Home Page http://simplycomplextotallyinsane.com
Birthday 6/1/1980
Location right here...right now.
Interests my daughters, dave and the rest of his&my family (they totally rule my world).. many forms of art.. wanting to be good at all kinds of things.. making people smile... helping people... sex, drugs, rock&roll.. well, not so much the drugs unless you count OTC*.. dreaming, wishing, believing, reaching.

i miss my best friend. i have two craezy cats.

*over-the-counter, dipshit..


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./Is this thing on?

most recent blog entry.

Yup. Still works.

Damn. I miss this place.

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visceral: amsbot
sxtxixtxcxh: damnbots
sxtxixtxcxh: test.
sxtxixtxcxh: hurray! first real shoutbox post since november... that was like.. nearly 10k posts!
vaeners: whats up with your shoutbox yo?
slavepoet: Hi! http://en.wikiped
slavepoet: wow, that's quite a bit there, eh?
visceral: hi! gurrrgle gurrgle
RaveN: **stating the obvious is just another of my talents **
RaveN: WHOA...you totally got spammed!
vaeners: it was good to see you and niki at the fiesta!! shes heeeeella big
deVoLgRrL: hi nicole. how are the chilgrenz?
feighm: i missed it. shoot me.
visceral: omg. TOMORROW!
visceral: etching time is bad for us too... we get distracted and forget about the shotglasses!