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Birthday 2/31/1982
Location Nippon, by way of islan Guahan and my mother's vagina
Interests Rainbows, rollerblades, Streisand, unicorns, the war on terror, wearing mesh hats slightly tilted to the side, show tunes, Northstar from Alpha Flight, makeovers, anyone not from NorCal saying "hella," reality and/or talent shows, Sam and Frodo dialogues, your uncle and/or auntie, non-alcoholic beer, and "extreme" marketing make me GLAAD.


Why do I smile at people who I'd much rather kick in the eye? - MOZ

maybe next weekend I shouldn't go to the 850yen all-you-can-drink wine bar on an empty stomach, yell "SATAN" in everyone's face, and miss my train stop home again. maybe.

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./modestxthreat's shoutbox

modestxthreat: i think you mean Loeb. or maybe "(you) only hear what (you) want to..."
RaveN: LOL...that's now considered "classic" Alannis.
deVoLgRrL: hey payne. what's going on dude? it's shall.
almitra: to-te mo kitani-n da. demo miru no wa omoshiroi jenai?
: Kitanai to omou
almitra: hamster yarikata kangaiteiru.
modestxthreat: hope you don't do hamsters, either.
almitra: my name's almi, and i dont do drugs.
modestxthreat: hamsters are good/drugs are bad?
almitra: whats really good?
munchkin: OMG i saw you... you're gf sooo wants me
munchkin: *kicks you in the eye*
munchkin: holla amigo!
modestxthreat: ey is for orses
jeaniexmurda: ey ey ey ey