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projectile vomiting

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./Too Late To Start Over

most recent blog entry.

u know my story.
I've been telling it to anyone I could find.
If I would lose you, I'd lose my mind,
over and over agian until next time.

Lights out to expectations.
Goodbye to bad intentions.
There's nothing wrong with letting go.

I know all about you.
Give me a pen and I'll write you a book of how we both fucked up,
walked away, got back just in time to make up for the new years.

I send you stationary.
It wasn't ordinary.
You got it and told me that everything would be O.K.
Next morning came conclusion:
It's too late to start all over.
(Sorry about the p

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defamation: haha. i've never benn on your blog till now.
gothikitten: I think you're my new hero.
cube: leche,,,temporary umbi,,,
sxtxixtxcxh: long time, no blog.