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Why is it that so many people flock to see one dance group perform just because they won some coveted prize on national TV?
200 people got turned away from the Jabbawockeez show, yet 200 people can't even come out to support the local talents?
Hell, I doubt if Mud or DotDotDot came to Guam, will many people flock out to really watch them play because of their music or just because they were on TV, Pandora, etc?
Those 2 bands play in front of very large crowds as evidenced in the various videos online, I hope to one day catch them live mysel!

Why doesn't anyone appreciate the talents of those that aren't in the big billboards and TV commercials? The people I speak of are those that struggle to make a name for themselves. The raw, real, and striving artists trying to express themselves. Whether it be in the form of dance from ballet to breaking, of song and of music, of stage, of pencil pen or brush, of spoken word, of education, of tagged up street signs and walls, all those who try to let their inner artist be expressed... where is the support and love for them.

There are so many talented souls out there in the world, and many here on Guam.

From the stages of Dededo Theater and UOG's Fine Arts Building with acts such as Jesus Christ Superstar or Ice is Hell; the poets and verse spinners weaving intricate stories of history, peace, war, love, and faith in Sinanganta; the young kids running around tagging up every unkempt or blank wall throughout our streets who simply see the concrete before them as a canvas waiting to be graced by their art; the kids that pick up their plectrums, sticks, or mic stands and wail out individual notes and chords that make up a melody that screams out the words and emotions as an anthem to their beliefs; the older vets of the numerous scenes who have gained a few pounds and a few gray hairs that still do what they do simply to express themselves, to let loose, and to pay the bills that come with adulthood, raising a family, and all that good stuff.

From the kids on the streets and who still attempt to learn how to play the songs that sit inside their iPods, hearts, minds, or their favorite track on Rock Band on stage, to the older men and women playing in the smoky and dim lit bars, coffee shops, and theater stages every night they get a chance to express their artforms, where is the support for them?

Support these people, support them well, who knows the next top dance crew could be practicing in the driveways, gyms, and garages throughout the island!

The Jabawockeez were in those shoes before, and they've striven to get where they are at, I just hope they are humbled by the opportunities they face.

Hope you all enjoyed their show, I still didn't understand the big fuss over the dance crew anyhow, but alas it isn't my scene.

But all in all, please attend the band shows, the plays, the poetry slams, the MC battles, the dance competitions and all.
Go down to the bars and restaurants and order up some drinks, a snack, and listen to the entertainment. Rock out to the hardcore motherfuckers and get some bruises to take home to show to mommy and explain your love for thost motherfuckers onstage who scream out the anthem of beliefs you keep holed up in your chest and mind. Go down to PTC and watch the poetry slams and open your mind, heart, and soul to the sounds of storytellers expressing their love and frustrations over this world and more.

We've got plays going on @ Dededo Theater this weekend about the problem of Ice (Meth) in our community. Saturday @ 8:00PM and Sunday @ 6:00

Tomorrow is "MusicFest" a little fundraiser and showcasing of numerous bands over @ Tiyan GATE Theater. Plenty of younger bands playing and the 5 dollar fee is going to support a young girl vying to be Queen/Princess for this years Ilo Ilo association contest.

Catch Sinangan-ta this Saturday and every last Saturday of the month @ PTC Bar & Grill at the Agana Shopping Center. 7PM
Check out Jovan, Kie, Melvin and the others as they spit out rhymes and rhythms!

Next Thursday is the sequel to Fuck Shit Up @ Club Legends. If you're 18 come on over $5 dollar cover and it comes with one free domestic. The 5 bucks supports the bands playing, and the bar, and come on, domestics are like up to $7 bucks over at Venue and some spots in Tumon!
The billing for this show will be Bastard Squad, Union Down, Hymn for the Tortured, and Nzeexruos. Thanks to Ryan Shook and the other guys who plan this event and for Jet the bar owner who supports hard music!

August 16th, I'll be throwing the last show of the summer over at Skinners Plaza, more details will be coming!

Any other upcoming events I'll post.

But please, Support the local artists in music, dance, art, or theater as best as you can. Someday they'll be the ones selling out shows @ FD or the Field House.

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I still didn't understand the big fuss over the dance crew anyhow, but alas it isn't my scene.

There's your answer.

while you have good points 

Perhaps this post would be better served in a thread so we can all discuss.

What you have to consider is that if you are on TV then people see you. Obviously, people want to see celebrities. Personally, I would have like to go an see the jabs perform cause they were awesome. Not JUST because they were on TV. The same goes for bands. If I happen to come across a band that I like then I'm all for em and I'll check them out or buy their merch. If I don't know the band exists then how am I to support them? Sure, I can sit here and be all "yeah, I'm ALL about the music scene on Guam" and "YEAH! SUPPORT GUAM ARTISTS!" but that's too general a term. And what if one of those bands that want support really does suck? I won't promote their music until they improve.

So you see my friend, it's all a matter of perception and recognition. If anyone wants support then they have to get their cause out there for people to see. Play venues other than just clubs, battles, and bars. Play festivals and carnivals, parties and skate parks. Do what you gotta do to bring more than just 1 demographic in.

So again, this is a great blog and you really should put stuff like this in a thread...perhaps ignored discussion. Make sure you get the events put on the calendar and if you have fliers or whatever...get em up here. Use all of EI to spread the word!! smile.gif


I get em mama stones, and raven.

It was just a grumpy rant,
I just found it funny people waited 2 hours for a 10 minute performance, and yeah it isn't my scene (dancing)

I'm not looking for hordes of people to come running to support bands, or poets...
and yes the first steps is to have good material, then cause buzz for that output.

But I'd just like to see more support given, not large amounts, but at least just something more than naught.

And yeah Mama Stony, it isn't my scene nor do I get the big hype, but well that's what we get from MTV byproducts huh? Sadly, thats the way the world works :p

But they are talented group of people I did follow the dance show, I enjoyed Status Quo and Jabba, idk why Kaba made the finals :p

But I'm not hating on any of them, they're going out and living up their dreams and are passionate about it.

Although I wish for more support for all the local artists from bands to taggers, they to must be passionate about what they do before they can garner more support.

And maybe i'll put up a thread, I just thought since I've got a blog here on EI, I'd rant.

I need some cereal and juice or something, it's 5 in the morning here and I work in Dededo in 2 hours.
I stay down in Santa Rita, so hallelujah for Mobil dropping their prices. If only gas was $1.98 like years before biggrin.gif

Peace and love all,


Welcome to our world.

Part 2 

No one gives a fuck. Many thread here of that nature. Do it for yourselves, part 1879.


That's Randy's was of saying, we've all wondered the same thing. We've all asked the same question. Basically, the answer is that people have their own tastes in things, and don't see the need to support something they're not into. There are a lot of things on the television, but not everything will get the same sort of turn out. People like what they like.

Randy's WAY 

I meant way.. heh.

rant on! 

That's what I do on my column and in the threads in general. That's what they're there for. I mean the subject matter of yourblog is threadworthy and I'm sure more than just a couple of us would carry this on to something bigger. If whatever it is you want to talk about is more personal then I can see wanting to just blog. It's your right brutha. But yeah...throw a thread or 2 out. New blood is awesome!


I agree with you all, we do find our own tastes,
it is personal to me, I've got a band and I love playing those sweet 6 strings, but....
being a musician isn't what I've found a passion for.
My passion is more geared to supporting, promoting, inspiring, and affecting.

I just hope we can get more and more shows like what I've been trying to do at Skinners and Ypao Beach, as well as what (all of us involved in the planning and output) we're doing at Club Legends.

I enjoyed sitting with Antonio for an hour after everyone split from the show and we just talked about what everything was like in the earlier years, and how things are now with the younger crowds.
About all the mosh parties at Skinners and Adelup. Days everyone spoke of in that punk scene history threads that were buzzing with posts the past few months.

Shook said to me as well the younger kids are my niche, so perhaps I'll keep trying to promote more shows with the up and comers that have talent.

While most of the people here on the EI community aren't around on island nor know me personally as do the folks in the commuinity such as the Matala, Bastard, HFTT, Suzie peoples and etc..

I do hope to get more support for the local artists that try their best.

But there are alot of artists, not just musicians, on island with talent to different degrees.

But alas, you've all been there and tried it and continue to do it, I just hope I can help to do more.

I've had a plan for a few years for a Expressions Initiative, it was grounded in my mind before as just for music, but why stop there. Its planned to be an unincorporated non-profit or LLC whicher is more viable to form.
I've already gotten offers from Shimbros, American, Sorenson Media Group, Calvo's in the past for sponsrship of events. My connections with my job help to, so hopefully one day (preferrably after I get out of UOG) we can hit the road running, instead of this slowed jaunt we seem to be stuck in.

Oh well, until then props to everyone still going out there doing what they do best biggrin.gif

Anyone gonna watch X-Files tonight?
I've been whistling the theme song all night.

Yo OkadaJ 

Listen to the ladies. They know they shit. I'll set up a thread regarding your thoughts on this....kudos to you for at least trying and wanting to do something with it instead of just complaining. All these fucking haters will complain....it takes fuckin' balls and hard work to make a "scene" work. Don't give in to those cockbreath little bitches.

You tell me that nothing matters
You're just fucking scared
You tell me that I'm better
You just hate yourself
You tell me that you like her
You just wish you did
You tell me that I make no difference
At least I'm fuckin' trying
What the fuck have you done?
-Minor Threat

minor threat 

i was listening to that earlier :p

"It's in my eyes
And it doesn't look that way to me
In my eyes"

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