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Everyone who is playing, and wants to come out to watch the show,
the August 16th show has been changed to August 15th from 4PM - 11PM

Location has been changed back to Skinner's
Because of a misinformation from the Department of Parks and Recreation,
we were unable to secure the Ypao location for the weekend, as MCV has reserved both the pavilion and the amphitheater for a function.

We will also be unable to play Ypao on the 30th because of Labor Day Weekend.

DPR is very nice and is trying their best to accommodate our band shows and to help give us discounted if not free occupancy permits and cleaning deposits.

I am very sorry for this confusion and inconvenience to any of the bands, their members, and the fans.

I try my best to make sure everything goes smoothly and that Plans of Action are executed right. I am frustrated that the Dept. of Parks and Rec gave me false information concerning the availability of reservations, but it is out of my hands.

I know we all really wanted Ypao rather than Skinner's
but the show is next week, and I do not wish to have to do anymore runarounds concerning this show.

It will be August 15th, not August 16th
and it will be at Skinners.

We will be playing on the steps and on the ground, not on the stage.

I am trying to secure a better PA system, but whatever goes goes.

I am glad and thankful for those that showed up at the meeting last night to talk about this show and the other shows.

Sorry if all those hopes and ideas for next week's show have just gone down the drain and became wasted time.

Skinner's is free, so we'll go with that.

WE CAN ALL DRINK AT LEAST! Can I get a woot woot?
Lineup will be the same:
Axs Denied
Bastard Squad
Blind for her Blood
Freedom Fries
Hymn for the Tortured
Table for Five

Thanks for everyone from the Bastard Squad, Warhead, Nzeexruos and the others who've helped so much in the preparation of these shows and trying to take some of the burdens off of my shoulders.

I'm sorry if this frustrates or angers some people, but hey, I'm one of the only ones trying to do something here, so please give me the benefit of the doubt.

Hopefully we can hold better meetings and obtain lineups and venues earlier.

Support your musicians and artists.

Please come to the shows.

Please do your part.

Have fun and rock out!

But please, go support Matala tomorrow night @ Club Legendz in Maite. $5 Cover Charge.


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Do you think you could post things regarding the events in the threads they're about so the information isn't all over the place? You know, just to avoid confusion or whatever.

Same goes for anything that you want to discuss, that way it doesn't get lost in the blog archives.

okey doke 

i posted the updated info since yesterday afternoon,

i just wanted to post my frustration over DPR in my blog tongue.gif

hah DPR 

Fuckin' with musicians since.....

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