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I do love having a business on Guam.
There's never a need to spend money on promotions or advertising if you're a SMB. (Small to Medium Business), the only thing you need to do to get your business's name out there is to tell mom, dad, nana, and uncle John to tell their friends, coworkers, achakmas', and drinking buddies who you are and what you do. And of course, they always ask for discount, but hey, why not since they're your marketing team!?

It's also fun how, well in my line of work I make calls to various companies a lot, you can call a business or customer and when you give them your name, or ask them for their own, you get into the whole, "I know you/I know you're family/ What was your last name again? ______ from which village?/etc.."
It's nice to have that little benefit, helps break the ice, or helps them give you the person in charge or person that will help you most, rather than saying an excuse of "sorry they're not in, or leave a message" that they would usually give someone they don't know.

I called a few design companies today and one of them was 17 Minute Photo where Nooch and Jordan Hardy (Matala) work.
And Nooch answered, I introduced myself, "This is Jayton w/ New Horizons, can I speak to a supervisor or manager please"
I didn't get to say, "Hey Nooch! Is that you!?" haha, as I must adhere to some professionalism. Afterwards I txted him and he was like "Yessir! I thought that was you!" hah. Called another sign company, and the lady that answered is a friend's mom. After handling business we got into catching up and me getting her son's phone numbers and shit. Guam is too small isn't it?

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is too small.

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