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The title is everything.

I've been busy with work at the theaters. I just glad that this week i'm going to have such mad hours. Not like last week, freak that man, my paycheck fucking sucked!! $56.36!!! Fuck that shit. This week should rank up my pay. God I hope so.

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I'm selling my guitar for $300. It's a brand new black gibson epiphone acoustic guitar. It's missing the first string cause it snapped when i was trying to learn before. I'm even throwing in the strap and the case with it. if anything just message me. thanks.

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Sorry. Still no pics on my piercings.

But yesterday, I went to get my lip pierced. Left side.

Jimi had a hard time putting it in, so he had to re-pierce it. I saw the big spot of blood, then I felt it drip down.

Hmm. Then after, Jimi said that whenever I'm in the area, to just stop by so that he can check out the progress of it. &&& so that he can take some pics of it.

So if he does take pics, I'm going to ask him to send it to me so that I can post it here. haha.

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So I let Jimi pierce my tounge last night down at hope4pain. I drooled! hahahah.

but pretty much i still talk normal.

sorry no pics.

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So I have my car again. And who knows when it'll go down -- again. *knocks on wood* But I'm going to get the Toyota Paseo from my uncle for a grand, but he was going to sell it for much more. I want to check around first, before I get a good used car.

Anyways, I just made $640 today. Just by child support. Not Bad. I'm going to save that shit. MAN! There's so much things I want to save up for! But it's so hard to fucking save right now.

I still want to pierce something. I still want the tounge and lip ones, but ngh, I'm such a pansy for pain. haha

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