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I'm selling my guitar for $300. It's a brand new black gibson epiphone acoustic guitar. It's missing the first string cause it snapped when i was trying to learn before. I'm even throwing in the strap and the case with it. if anything just message me. thanks.

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you should post this in the classifieds so it doesn't get lost in blog hell


...if there's a blog hell, is there a blog heaven? tongue.gif

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: Happy Birf's Bizatxch
pinkhairtie: no you're not. =P
8gauge: adam = cool
pinkhairtie: this sucks. haha
pinkhairtie: hoooooooooooooyyy
truly_yours: PSSSST!
the_vellocet: OMG, jhonaly is SLUT! & a hottttttiiiieeee !!!
pinkhairtie: I'm hungry.
vaeners: pst hoi!
eyeliner_addict: Boo!
midnightraindrops: hey hey fellow lj buddy
pinkhairtie: lol.
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