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as of june 26, 2004
endignorance.com is a community based website. without our members, we're nothing. we have two main (and often conflicting) goals in the service we provide:

1) ensure that members are free to express themselves without restriction or undue cencorship.
2) protect the members of the community to the best of our abilites, concerning, discrimination and prejudice.

the following is an outline of standard etiquette to which we expect all our members to adhere:
  • endignorance does not tolerate remarks that are in any form of bigotry. these include, but are not limited to:
    - racist slurs
    - derogatory remarks about philosophies and/or religion
    - offensive remarks based on gender or sexual preference.
  • the use of emoticons for the sole intent of flaming, or insulting, another member will not be tolerated.
  • personal or private issues between two or more members are to remain private. the insistence of making such matters public may result in closed threads and warnings. If the nature of the problem involves endignorance.com itself, you may ask one of the staff to mediate the situation to an acceptable resolution.
  • violations are defined as specific attacks on an individual member or group. violation of community ettiquite policy will result in a warning. administration will take further steps, including banning an account, as situation deems necessary.
  • accusations of offenses, questions or comments regarding specific administrative actions are to be addressed to the staff, and not directed at a particular member. misplaced or false accusations may be considered violations of site policy.
  • all posts within a particular forum must stay on topic to the forum. Note that there is a forum specifically for your post-whoring pleasure.
  • the posting of both positive and negative replies is encouraged; however, these posts must remain constructive. Posting a response, or starting a thread without the intention of creating a constructively critical dialogue is strictly forbidden.
  • it is important to remember to be as clear in your intent as possible while communicating on the internet. our text communications do not afford a clear representation of sarcasm. please use common sense when posting to avoid confusion.
  • artificial manipulation of the website by means of extra accounts, facetious use, or other intentional misuse will be treated as an exploit. such actions disrupt the community and are considering site abuse.
  • refrain from posting business advertisements in the forums or anywhere else on the website. threads or posts violating this may be removed at our discretion. businesses can contact the admin directly to discuss advertising on the site.

the failure to follow any of the aforementioned rules will result in the thread being closed and possible administrative actions concerning the member(s) involved, in accordance with the rules described to and agreed to by all members. it is up to the staff to interpret the intent of each post.

all infractions are handled on a case-by-case basis. banishment may be removed upon staff review, in such cases determined eligibly be staff, and staff alone. requests to be unbanned from the endignorance.com community will be ignored.
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