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Home Page http://www.myspace.com/tillyandtheprincessharmanband
Birthday 2/9/1987
Location tree hugging honkeysville, WA
Interests eating, smoking la ganja, listening to music, going to shows, doing drugs, playing guitar, making fuck, making music, going to different places, learning about different cultures, driving myself insane, messing around with the customers at work, singing and dancing randomly, feeling up on myself, chillin like a villain, you know how I do nigguhz.


the saddest girl to ever hold a martini

./Attack of the curriculum

most recent blog entry.

It's finals week and we all have been in here slaving away to our studies. Finals used to be so easy. I'd rather write a bunch of papers than have to memorize this stuff. Psychopharmacology seems like an interesting subject especially since you are learning about drugs. Right? WRONG! It was just as painful as neuroscience and my last entry was bitching about how much of a pain it is. After this quarter I am DONE with psychology. Trust me if I had a choice not to take the upper division classes, I wouldn't. The fun ended at intro to abnormal psychology (a long time ago).

I want to beat up my teachers for drowning me in this memorization fiasco.

I also want a smoothie but I'm too lazy to drive.

Things I have to look forward to after school ends:
*Making money
*Having time to play guitar, work out and paint
*Having time to cook
*Getting high
*Moving into a house with some dudes
*Playing video games
*Taking pictures of shit

Things I do not look forward to:
*Having a full-time OFFICE job (EW!)
*Buying things
*My boyfriend giving me bible lessons
*Saving like MADD

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