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I got this funny feeling
that the kid who keeps getting banned
from these here boards
when all he wanted to do was spout unintelligible gibberish
well, don't you know we already have bots that do the same?
Certain shoutboxes can attest.
At least they pitch Viagra and other diversions
What's your functionality?
Why don't you grow up and fulfill your destiny as the resident
necrophiliac at the morgue?
Or become the next senator/bar proprietor so you can buy a G-Wiz, hire Ars Poetica, and have it become a gay bar.
Or go to an old folks home and tell them about how it was back in your day.
Sometimes it makes me wonder out loud. Life on the boards can be rough, but it's easier on the callouses when you play nice.

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I have taken to guessing that every member with a username made up of random letters that make no sense is that jackass. Doesn't he fukn get it?

I bet he loves the attention. I wonder if he's mentally handicapped.


Go up to some random person, and tell them "lanya my asshole is itchy." That means someone is thinking of you.

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baDass tHE fIRsT wEeK, tHEN sTARteD tO rANDoMLy rEmIND mE ThAt I'vE In fAcT PlaYed ThIs BeFore Lots.
5 out of 5 stars
My initial introduction to the inspirational and extremely prolific Ms. DiFranco....it also happens to be one intensely personal live document of the transition between punk-folkie Ani and the experimental/minimalist mindset that infiltrated her later "So Much Shouting" concert release.

If I can relate to the power of lines such as "My cunt is built like a wound that won't heal," you too will be moved.
5 out of 5 stars
Good old MA. Everytime I jam "Angel" everything I do suddenly goes slo-mo and badass, with wraparound shades and machine guns. And that's okay by me!
5 out of 5 stars

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lodeez: eybaybay
slavepoet: Why? It's not like you called to hang out or anything. Ooooh, shit! lol
deVoLgRrL: btw, what's your schedule like in october????
deVoLgRrL: it balances it all out, i'm sure.
deVoLgRrL: whoa. you had a lot of lil wayne on here.
deVoLgRrL: randz is a badass mofo.
visceral: hooray for bowtiecharlie
Evil Plan-b: Thats cool though me, and modestxthreat been into new wave lately...
Evil Plan-b: Whats up with all the down tempo music you got there on your recent tracks?
sillytilly: I told your mom not to tell! Well tell her I still owe her a doller for the sex.
sillytilly: Yeah...bigger than yours!
sillytilly: Randy is dandy!
slavepoet: hahaha now the shoutbox is even lower on the page than before.....
visceral: Penguin headshots.
RaveN: oh man...PINK RAWKS!!!