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I was always just a band girlfriend. Sat on the side, looked cute, pretty hair, pretty make up, ready to cheer and take pictures... The Shimbro's battle was different. I SANG!!! GAH! I played the KEYBOARD! AHHHHH!!! It was kind of neat. Really MOTHER FUCKING SCARY! But... still... kinda neat happy.gif;

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you shouldn't label yourself. i think we all had pretty hair, make-up, and cheered on the side for one another. hahaha of course it was halloween but thats besides the point. oh and there was a phase where everyone dressed up like brandon lee when The Crow came out.


Shannon! I remember talking about that with you when we were only little. tongue.gif




nothing wrong with just being a band girlfriend.. especially when you end up marrying the cute smart one...


Nice to see you around these here parts again.

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