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Spankie ate at Big Stomach Restaurant today. Food is good. I didn't do anything productive, except finish my book. People who like to read, try The City of Beasts, by Isabel Allende, it's a good book.

Randomness (Reply to a comment) Hmm... growing up with dudes in choir and then be in a band. That's cool. That's something I'd like to do, but being in a band with old people aren't ever fun. I'm the only one in my choir under 20, so I suppose it'd be a bit awkward.

Nerg. I wonder why I even created a blog. Nothing exciting happens to me anymore... Well, nothing I'm willing to post on EI, anyway. Insane. Spankie's off.

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Big Stomach is okay, but sometimes the food is too MSG-y. or salty.

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i like food food is good


Haven't had some soul food for a while...but...food is good~ Going to have a party after this whole eating less and healthy process is over. >="> 1moreweek2go_

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