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*Haunted Soul

Joined: Sep. 25, 2003

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Home Page http://www.myspace.com/subtlexshivers
Birthday 7/15/1987
Location classified
Interests My son. The Opposite Sex. Music. Art. Photography. Photoshop. Illustrator.


I can't tell if it's me or the meat that's rotting.


most recent blog entry.

So.. I am back.. It's been a while..

New Update:
I have a wonderful son. smile.gif

What's new with you?

Don't wake me up. Death is misleading.
& when I fall asleep.. I sleep with a ghost.

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./toxicremedy's shoutbox

munchkin: congrats mommy
toxicremedy: let's try this all again, only faster now.
anonymous coward: me.
toxicremedy: no F.rench C.onnection U.K. just fuck.
toxicremedy: someone wants secks?
slavepoet: teh secks in motion.
slavepoet: hey hey hey
mikez: F.rench C.onnection U. K.?
toxicremedy: -fuck.kcuf+
toxicremedy: def most.
modestxthreat: I'm fun?
vaeners: no pain = no fun...
toxicremedy: it's a way to stop the bleeding, but it only makes the pain last.
cube: ewww,,,cotton
toxicremedy: i'm glad your mouth is stuffed with cotton.