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for only a couple reasons. in my case, they would be good to help me go to sleep. now, if only i could get my hands on some. i doubt the TY PM's going to work. it's not helping me to fall asleep. rather, it's giving me subtle pains here and there. hmm...not good.

since i can't fall asleep...i might as well stay up and look for new music or bake...like Visceral. LOL.

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For your insomnia, may I suggest 

The Course Curriculum

Day One

9:00 The CAS System Administration & Enforcement

The CAS System: A concentrated explanatory briefing on the scope, scheme, operating mechanisms and general impact of the Cost Accounting Standards system. Applicability of Cost Accounting Standards and Disclosure Statement requirements to: (a) defense prime contracts and subcontracts, (b) non-defense prime contracts and subcontracts, (c) corporate divisions, (d) corporate subsidiaries. Relationship of Cost Accounting Standards to the allowability of costs. The contract clauses which implement the Standards-an analysis of their provisions, functions and application.

Administration & Enforcement: Duties and rights of Government contractors and their subcontractors. Responsibility of the procuring agencies for administration and enforcement of the Standards. The critical cost impact of changes (required by the Standards) in cost accounting practices. Adjustments in contract prices - upward and downward - resulting from the Standards. Procedures for negotiating price adjustments-including coordinated negotiation. Current CAS problem areas.

1:00 Disclosure Statements; Cost Accounting Practices

Disclosure Statements: Their purpose, content, submission, review-a study of what’s required and what’s not.

Cost Accounting Practices: A survey of acceptable accounting systems, of reasonable cost accounting practices, and of the Cost Accounting Standards relating to these areas.

Standard 401-Consistency In Estimating, Accumulating And Reporting Costs
Standard 402-Consistency In Allocating Cost Incurred For The Same Purpose
Standard 405-Accounting For Unallowable Costs
Standard 406-Cost Accounting Period


yeah..that would totally put me to sleep. or in a coma.


Re: @slavepoet 

WTH is all that you posted?? hahaha idk about that putting me to sleep. if anything, i'd be more intrigued. haha.

okay...after a second look...maybe not. haha.

Happy (belated) Birthday Randy!!

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